Elon Programs


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Please click on the following links to be directed to the home page of that Elon Study abroad program. All of the following programs feature an internship option. For more information please visit the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center located in Carlton Building 113. Or call the Global Center office phone at 336-278-6700.

Australia, Perth: Curtin University

Australia: Internship (GlobaLinks) – Summer

Chile, Santiago: Liberal Arts (CIEE)

Chile: Internship (GlobaLinks) – Summer

China, Beijing: The Beijing Center

China, Shanghai: Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai (CET)

China, Shanghai: Chinese Studies & Internship in Shanghai (CET) – Summer

Costa Rica, San José: Elon Center Abroad (ISA)

England, London: Elon Center Abroad (FIE)

England, London: Internship (FIE) – Summer

France, Reims: Reims Management School (Dual Degree)

Germany, Heidelberg: University of Heidelberg

Germany, Reutlingen: ESB-Reutlingen (Dual Degree)

Ghana, Legon: Arts & Sciences (CIEE)

India, Pune: Contemporary India: Development, Economy & Society (Alliance)

India, Varanasi: The City, the River, the Sacred (Alliance)

India: Public Health Practicum – Winter

Ireland, Dublin: Dublin Business School & School of Arts (FIE)

Israel, Haifa: University of Haifa – International School

Jordan, Amman: Language & Culture (CIEE)

New Zealand: Internship (GlobaLinks) – Summer

Senegal, Dakar: Development Studies (CIEE)

Senegal, Dakar: Language & Culture (CIEE)

South Africa: The Call of South Africa – Summer

Spain, Alicante: Liberal Arts (CIEE)

Spain, Barcelona: Business & Culture (CIEE)

Spain, Barcelona: Economics & Culture (CIEE)

Spain, Barcelona: Liberal Arts (CIEE)

Spain, Seville: Business & Society (CIEE)

Spain, Toledo: Fundación José Ortega y Gasset (Arcadia)

Spain: Internship (GlobaLinks) – Summer

Tanzania, Iringa: Community Development, Language & Culture


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