Journaling on the Job… Claire Smith

“When I started my internship I was coming into a company where everyone had already known each other. It was a small office and everyone was very close nit. How was I, this stranger, supposed to create these friendships in the short time I was there? I was working for a hostel organization where everyone was very into travel. They were very worldly people who had all lived abroad and traveled the world. Now, I became more comfortable with them, and eventually became very good friends.”

-Claire Smith
Australia fall 2012


Journaling on the Job… Caroline Anderson

“My study abroad experience was a great educational booster, not only in the sense of academics or traveling, but for the workplace, too. I have a six week long internship with an event planner and we travel throughout London for meetings and other events. I did a lot to boost up my resume. Having study abroad experience on a resume already separates most from the other applicants in the sea of job applications, but to work abroad as well is even better. It says that you have the skill set (emotional passport) to survive in another culture and that you have had worldly experiences that add to future employment opportunities.”
-Caroline Anderson
London fall 2013

Journaling on the Job… Maggie Achey

“As the internship is drawing to a close, I am only just starting to realize my transformation into a global citizen. I find that I am developing hard and soft skill, such as writing and professional experiences. The other day my supervisor gave me the task of phoning theatres, because she said my phone skills have improved and they are very professional. It was great to hear this because it made me more aware of my changing cultural competence. I was able to pick up on some nuisances and values that have given me so many transferable skills. I think this internship has given me more self-confidence and helped me define my identity of a global citizen through my negotiation of differences.”

-Maggie Achey

London spring 2013