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Background on the Blog

Thank you for visiting and welcome to the blog! This blog is a resource for past, present, and future students participating in an international internship. My name is Maggie Achey and I have created this blog in my Senior Capstone class focusing on Professional Writing and Rhetoric.

As a student who has engaged in a three-month internship while studying abroad in the United Kingdom, I recognize the need for learning and researching how students can develop workplace etiquette while in a foreign country. I realize after the fact how difficult the transition to the work force in London was for me without any preparation of cultural differences. I basically went in blind with no preconceived notions of British culture, but also no formal acknowledgment of the cultural expectations.

Purpose and Mission

The goal of this blog is to give students a resource on international internships to provide them with an understanding of how to negotiate cultural competencies in terms of communication. I invited students who have participated in international internships to write posts for this blog. The following questions are examples I provided to guide their thinking and writing:

-What was the biggest challenge in your abroad internship? How did you negotiate it?

-Describe a time where you felt like an outsider. What made you feel that way?

-Describe the cultural customs that you had to negotiate? How and why?

-How was the office set up? Why was it like this?

-How did you form a relationship with co-workers? Over drinks after work? Over tea in the office? Not at all?

I invited the students to analyze and reflect on their experiences in no more than 500 words. This gives students the chance to negotiate and process their experiences in a foreign country while also providing a resource for other students.   I have partnered with the Elon University Global Center to propagate and sustain the blog. Please note that some of the blog posts have been edited to ensure a consistent tone.


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