Caroline Anderson

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When I did not know what to do in certain situations, I, honestly, pretended like I knew what I was doing. My logic was, if I was confident what I was doing then that was better than looking like a fool who had absolutely no clue as to what I was doing.  So by observing what others were doing around me in my internship with an event planner, I could make an educated guess on what I should probably be doing.

I had to sit in on several meeting for my boss, so I would take notes, but my boss would take her own notes and cross check with mine to see if she missed anything. One day, my boss called me and told me that I needed to go to a re-branding meeting for her because she was sick and there was no possible way for her to make it. The meeting was happening in 30 minutes and I was on the other side of town—and it was pouring rain, naturally. I sprinted my way through the tube to the cab where some co-workers were waiting on me to speed off to the meeting. We arrived at an office building and were all ushered into a conference room.

Me being the lowly intern, thought that I was going to be given a chair in the corner to take notes on my laptop. That was not the case. Since I was representing one of the brains of the company, I was to sit at a prominent spot at the table to share the thoughts and ideas of my boss. I was so nervous. I had never had a place at a conference table, nor been asked to join in on a conference! Afterward, it was a great and eye-opening experience that I am grateful to have had. It taught me a lot about the business my internship placement was in as well as what goes on in re-branding meetings.



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