Nicole West

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While I was studying abroad in London I was given the opportunity to intern with the Legal Action Group. LAG was a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equal access to justice for all members of society who are socially, economically or otherwise disadvantaged. It seeks to improve law and practice, the administration of justice, and legal services. The LAG group considers themselves a charity and because of that the structure and layout of the office wasn’t as luxurious as some offices can be. The office I went to everyday was located above an acting school and shared a floor with another organization. The office layout has an open floor plan – which is how a lot of offices in London are. This was very beneficial for how the office worked as a cohesive unit. The open floor plan allowed for easier communication which in turn made it easier to accomplish the daily tasks. LAG is a very small organization – so small that there was only one person in each department.

When in class one day my professor mentioned that the majority of London offices are set up with an open floor plan; because the dynamics of the typical office tend to be much different then what we typically have in the states. While there is a hierarchy within the office its mainly just titles, meaning that the boss is just as likely to bring you a cup of tea like an intern potentially would. There is a level of equality that an open floor plan allows for and offices in London really take advantage of that.

At LAG the environment was naturally quite. The employees came in to work, sat at their desks, and unless they needed something from a co-worker they put their heads down and worked. When I first envisioned an open floor plan office I imagined an office with a higher volume environment – I couldn’t wrap my head around conducting a business in a loud room. I was clearly wrong. The environment at LAG was a professional one. Others respected the noise level when their co-workers were on the phone, and even when there was no direct need to be quite the members of the office would talk quietly and only when necessary.

I don’t think the office was always split between two organizations however due to the non-profit status of LAG money is constantly an area of concern and inviting the second organization to share the space was one way to cut the cost of running LAG.


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