Sarah Neuhauser

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My biggest challenge was the work itself. I worked at Elfrida Rathborne and it was a very laid back work environment and I was getting things done fast and efficiently. I was working with college age kids that had mild to severe disabilities. I had never worked with students like that before and I was afraid that I would mess up. I was able to negotiate it by learning from my coworkers. I loved every minute of it.

There were moments I felt like an outsider. They would be talking about something that happened in England’s history or something that was very English and because I didn’t understand I could not join in. However it was a good time to learn about those things and to feel like an outsider. There are some people who spend their entire lives on the outside.

The English drink a lot  of tea. I do not drink a lot of tea. However, if you don’t take a tea break it is the end of the world. So I drank a lot of tea. There were other strange customs, such as long tea breaks in the break room and casual talking while working on something. Everyone was excited to have me there.

I was very fortunate to bond over football while I was at my internship. The students really loved soccer ,or football as they call it, is a very good way for them to get their exercise. We bonded over our favorite teams and playing together after work. We also were able to bond over tea in the break room a lot too.


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