Victoria Webster



How did you form a relationship with co-workers? Over drinks after work? Over tea in the office? Not at all?

I am Victoria Webster and I studied abroad in London in the spring of 2013. I worked at YATI, young actors theatre of Islington, a theatre and talent agency for young actors. In theatre, you work non-stop to create art. I was fortunate that this internship fulfilled all of my hopes in relation to working abroad, as well as being fully concentrated on my major. I worked with an array of different characters, ranging from the theatre’s artistic director to 10 year old actors.

Therefore I had many different kinds of relationships. I had to be a relaxed co-worker, a dutiful assistant and friendly child ring-leader, depending on the day. I found myself bonding over meals, drinks post show and tea time breaks.

I found that one needs to be open at all times to new people, experiences and to never EVER judge another person in a new situation.

Studying abroad is a magical experience! I found that if you are open and proactive in learning about another’s life you will find events and ways to bond. This will form a deeper relationship in your abroad internship than you ever expected.


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