Connor D’Albora

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My biggest challenge with my abroad internship was that it had a really rough start. My placement was with a wonderful music charity and it was an incredible experience in the end. I am a Music Production and Recording Arts major so I knew this was not completely in my focus I was hoping for in an internship, I also had little experience in the industry so I was just looking for anything to get my hands on for any experience. When I went in for the interview, my boss had her own idea of what an American student would be like and really needed my to know specifically what I wanted to do with the company.

Although I had entered the interview with an open mind, knowing every detail about the company and was enthusiastic to join the team, I was told at the end of my interview that I “was not quite the right fit,” but they would give me a chance. This really put me in an uncomfortable position and tough spot because while everyone else had great interviews and just got to come into an office that really welcomed them, I felt like I was still earning my spot. Even though the internship process started out rough for me, it was an unbelievable experience and I did earn my spot at the internship. I ended the internship having earned the respect of my boss with a lot of hard work. I always showed up early, did more than was asked of me for tasks and finishing the tasks early. In return, my boss set up days for me to go and learn about the technical production for sound events in theatre, concerts and film.

Overall, my challenge was that I was coming into a situation not knowing exactly what I wanted to get out of it and my boss had her own idea of what an American intern would be like. I never really negotiated my problem, I just learned that I had quickly find out what it was I wanted to gain from the experience other than just the generalities of an internship experience as well as how to show my boss that I was ambitious and had initiative. At the end of my experience, my boss and co-workers found me to be helpful, and my boss told me that they would be more than happy to have me back working for them in the future. My biggest advice coming out of that is to give yourself very specific goals going into an internship and to never doubt yourself if the place you are working at has doubts in you. I think if I had let that interview get to me more I would have had a much harder time going in with a smile and overcoming the initial opinion they had of me.


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